Haris Manzoor

(Business Administrator)

     Joined Sygnis Pharma in June 2019 as a Business Development officer and due to his hard work and dedication, he was promoted to Managing Director in June 2021. He got his education in engineering and later on in Business administration.

Nadeem Mughal

(Director of Sales and Marketing)

     Has 25 Years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Marketing. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in August-2015 as Sales Manager and Later on, He was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing.

Riaz Uddin Ahmad

(Director Admin & Marketing of Sygnis Pharma)

     Is currently the Director Admin & Marketing of Sygnis Pharma. He brings an experience of over fifty five years in pharma industry and is one of the pioneers in this field. Previously, he worked as Group General Manager at Mendoza Group of Companies & W. Woodward for 32 years and led the company from nascent stage to a renowned pharmaceutical in the country. He also worked for Amnon Pharmaceuticals as Chief Executive (Sales & Marketing) for 7 years before joining Orta Laboratories as Director Marketing and has contributed towards growth for 8 years. Fie is also enriched with experience of 7 years in Franchise Business. He is a Business Graduate with multiple certifications in pharma and related fields. He also attended and led many national and international conferences during his professional career.

Dr. Saleem Akhter

(Eye Surgeon)

     is a renowned Eye Surgeon. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2008 on the Advisory Committee of Sygnis Pharma.

Ch. Saleem Akhter

(Director of Legal Affairs)

     Advocate High Court. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2008 as Legal Advisor. Now he is Director of Legal Affairs.

Mr Nawaz Abid

(Manager of Stock Inventory and Purchase)

     Has 12 Years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Sales. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2013 as Sale Officer and was later promoted to Manager of Stock Inventory and Purchase.

Mr Muhammad Younis

(Account Manager)

     Joined Sygnis Pharma as Assistant Account Manager in 2019, later on, he was promoted to Account Manager.

Nauman Farooq

(National Sales Manager)

     Has 20 Years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Marketing. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in April 2010, as Area Field Manager. Now he is working as National Sales Manager.

Mr Inam-ul-Haq

(Director Finance)

     Has 27 Years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Marketing. He Joined Sygnis Pharma as Director Sales and additional Charge of Director Finance. He is a founder Member of Sygnis Pharma also.

Miss Aroosa Khan

(Recovery Manager and CRM)

     Is a graduate of Reknown University and has vast experience in Office Management. Miss Aroosa Khan joined Sygnis Pharma in 2015 as Sales Officer; Later on, she was promoted to Recovery Manager and CRM (Customer Relations Manager).

Miss Maryam Khan

(Incharge of all Technical matters)

     Has vast experience in Pharmaceuticals. She got a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2014. Now she is in Incharge of all Technical matters.

Miss Sidra

     After getting a master’s Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2017. She is looking after Sales and Purchases of the Company.

Mr Shehram

(Assistant Account Manager)

     is a graduate of a reputable University. He Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2021 as Assistant Account Manager.

Mr Ammar Abbas

(Manager Stock and Godam)

     Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2018 as Office Boy. Later on, he was promoted to Manager Stock and Godam.

Mr Kafayat Ullah Bungash

(Store Incharge)

     Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2013 as Office Boy. Later on, he was promoted as Store incharge.

Mr Mahboob Sanam

(Transport Incharge)

     Joined Sygnis Pharma in 2020 as Driver and later on, he was promoted to Transport Incharge.

Sygnis Family

This Committee is Consists of:

  • Dr Tehreem Manzoor (In charge Approvals)
  • Dr Hiba Manzoor (Evaluator)
  • Rashid Manzoor (Member)
  • Haris Manzoor (Member)
  • Manzoor Usmani (Member)
  • Azra Yousaf UK (Donor & Member)
  • De-Media Solution (Member)