About Us

Who We Are

Sygnis Pharma was founded with the aim of marketing pharmaceutical products, later shifting its focus to manufacturing.

How We Established

Our first step into sales and marketing was on May 5, 1990, so we could gain rich experience in this field. We began marketing, selling, and distributing pharmaceutical products on April 4, 2008.

Dealing In a Variety of Ways

Across the country and the border, Sygnis Pharma has many satisfied customers. We deal with Government institutions, semi-Government institutions, private institutions, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, distributors, promoters, marketers, franchisees, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Licensed & Approved

Sygnis Pharma adheres to ethical and legal practices, so we got a license and approval from the Health Department before commencing operations to sell, distribute, and exhibit pharmaceutical products. Additionally, we are registered with the FBR’s income tax and sales tax departments.


Sygnis Pharma organizes recreation tours for all employees every year. It is decided unanimously by the employees who will visit the location within Pakistan.

Annual Family Dinner

Each year, Sygnis Pharma organizes an employee dinner. All employees participate with their families and spend valuable time at this event. Several amazing prizes are on offer from Sygnis to welcome all participants.

Annual Sales Conference

Sygnis Pharma’s tradition is to arrange its annual sales conference every year in January. The purpose of this conference is to evaluate sales. Each employee receives an increment and cash, and some get promotions.

This Committee is Consists of:

  • Dr Tehreem Manzoor (In charge Approvals)
  • Dr Hiba Manzoor (Evaluator)
  • Rashid Manzoor (Member)
  • Haris Manzoor (Member)
  • Manzoor Usmani (Member)
  • Azra Yousaf UK (Donor & Member)
  • De-Media Solution (Member)