CEO Message

Mr Manzoor Usmani (CEO)

Fast pace progression in today’s vibrant industry through optimism is what I strive for as a marketer.
I am fully focused towards building a company on foundations of Competitiveness, Resilience and Innovation that allows me and my team to excel in a constantly changing business environment. I tend to keep up with the pace of newer technology and tools that are applied for marketing.
To achieve our realistic and futuristic goals Me and my team Hunt, Develop and Retain skilled talent that shall possess passion for work. We offer an ambiance to our employees where responsibility, accountability, Respect and R&D are the core values and practices to ensure the best talent is working for achieving the best results. We offer equal opportunity to every employee to excel, develop and reach their full potential.
As CEO, I believe in maintaining a working environment supportive to entrepreneurial vision, employee growth and in delivering exceptional results. I am proud to announce that hundreds of entrepreneurs have benefited from me to date. Sygnis Pharma has Signed an MOU with DE Media Solutions.
I believe in mutual growth and equal progress.